Before & After

With photography, I love that “BAM” moment when I get the shot and can’t wait to get home and “play” with it in Photoshop. As my photography grows, my editing style has as well. I love seeing how far I can take a photo and make something that looks nice to something amazing.

At Kimberly Paige Photography, my talent and time comes with the session, but I also custom edit each individual photo. I enjoy the artistic side of hand painting which takes me  20-25 minutes per photo. Below are some examples of before and after photographs.


baseball_MG_6800 baseball_MG_6800-Edit
 BeforeIMG_4152  AfterIMG_4152-Edit
 Girl_MG_6362 Girl_MG_6362-Edit
john_MG_6379 john_MG_6379-Edit
Kaylett_MG_6434 Kaylett_MG_6434-Edit
michael_MG_7815 michael_MG_7815-Edit